About Us

About MAXIMA Divestitures Group Inc.

MAXIMA is a boutique financial advisory services firm based out of Alberta, Canada providing professional acquisition, divestiture, merger and corporate financial advisory services for almost 15 years to the Western Canadian market.

Our team of professionals provide qualified and effective competencies to enable our clients to make clear investment and divestment decisions. Managing and protecting client investment interests effectively and efficiently includes:

1. The professional valuation of the target company.
2. Expert financial and analytical modeling.
3. Expert operational analysis and modeling.
4. Development and implementation of strategic plans to move projects forward.
5. Up to and including finalizing transaction structures for closing legal agreements.
6. Experienced transaction management including the necessary face-to-face “relationship” support.

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About MAXDG Commercial

Our goal is to provide professional real estate and financial services related to the Buying and Selling of Businesses with land or buildings associated with the transaction.

We champion your Business Acquisition or your Divestiture and bring the expertise to service the commercial real estate to complete that transaction. Our commitment to you includes Professionalism, Accountability, Integrity, and Quality of work. We focus on our competencies so you can focus on yours!

We are available to assist you and your clients with a broad spectrum of experience and professional services. Over time it becomes clear: effective financial and investment decisions can only result from sound professional advisory services.