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At some point in the life of every company the owner contemplates their options for exiting the business. The owner can choose to sell the business, invest the time and resources to expand or grow the business (through acquisitions or mergers), sell the business to family or employees, or shut the business down. Whichever strategy the owner chooses, it is critical to manage the process strategically. The line between achieving success or failure is directly influenced by the preparation, analysis, modeling, strategic negotiations, and legal work which dictate the outcome.

If you are planning to buy or sell a business in Edmonton, it is often the case you will not have developed the expertise or resources to maximize the outcomes on your own. Whether buying or selling an established business, professional expertise can save you countless aggravations and even provide you with a significant additional return on investment. Expertise can add value to you and your team from the first concept and brain storming discussion for what the options may include, all the way through to the successful completion of the transaction. Expertise makes a difference!

At MAXIMA, our goal is to provide professional services including selling a business, buying a business, mergers & acquisitions, investment banking advisory, and business brokerage. We have over a decades experience in bringing decision makers together in a timely and efficient process that strives to address stakeholder requirements.

Our experience with both the buy side and the sell side of a transaction for a broad range of businesses in the western Canada marketplace provides you with insight into the priorities for the team “on the other side of the table.

For business buyers, we assess your preferred target markets and ROI models to assist in identifying and completing suitable business transactions.

When you’re selling a business, our services may include business valuations, modeling existing and future operations, including identifying profitability and ROI’s, and if required working with you to groom your business for sale-ability.

We can also provide access to a range of expert advisors including tax planning, legal advice/expertise, negotiations and deal structuring, and financial assistance.

Many business owners prefer to start the process by developing a clear sense of what their business is worth in the marketplace. Whether on the Buy side or the Sell side of a transaction evaluating your company and determining the best transaction can be a daunting and complicated task. We provide complete business valuations to ensure the decision makers base their strategy on the best information possible.

Our goal is to help Edmonton area business owners make the most of what they have, no matter what side of the deal they are on; from buying a company, selling a business, mergers & acquisitions, investment banking advisory services, and business brokerage.

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