Business Valuation Process

Steps in the Business Valuation Process

Our goal is to provide you with a well researched, properly supported professional business valuation document that will stand up to review and critical examination. Here is a basic outline of our process:

(1) Contact us to have a free, no-obligation consultation about the business you would like a valuation for. We provide you with our Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to our discussion. At MAXIMA, we pride ourselves in our client relations and confidentiality process. Our goal here is to start developing a strong understanding of your business.

(2) We want you to get the best quality valuation possible, so we won’t waste your time if your needs don’t match our areas of expertise. After initial discussions, we will complete a face-to-face visit with you and/or your team to review the the introductory materials. After this review, we will determine if our technical expertise and your requirements are aligned to generate a professional business valuation that is suitable for your purposes.

(3) We will provide you a list of required supporting documentation and a Services Work Agreement. Once you have reviewed the documentation and completed the agreement, we provide you with a clear set of milestones to move forward.

(4) Once all of the data has been received and is well understood, we begin our full business valuation process. Initially, this usually takes 7-10 business days after receiving of all data. Our process also includes the necessary market research for your sector. The first round of documentation typically leads to additional question and clarifications.

(5) The first draft of the business valuation is sent to the client for feedback. We encourage our clients to go through the document and make any clarifications within the document itself. We answer any questions you may have and incorporate your comments and clarifications into our next version.

(6) Once completed we will work through the business valuation with you and/or your team to ensure the document meet your specific requirements. Then we will proceed to complete the final version of the valuation.

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